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oil moisture tester

oil moisture tester



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Quality 1
Package wooden case

TP-2100 Lab Equipment Digital Oil Moisture Tester, Karl Fischer Oil Water Content Test Kit

This TP-2100 water content tester adopts the global recognized classical moisture testing method - Karl Fischer Coulometric Method which is the most accurate method with low cost. With the universal standard and analyzing method, it can quickly analyze the moisture content in liquid, solid and gas and directly display testing results, with testing range from 0.0001%(1ppm) to 100%. Therefore, this testing method has been widely used in institutions and enterprises of petroleum, chemical industry, power, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, railways, research, etc.

The whole testing process is automatically controlled by this tester itself. Its auto-stirring and analyzing would be finished within 60seconds, and results would be displayed directly. Totally closed titration system avoids damage to operator from reagent. Equipped with 500ml Karl Fischer Reagent, which could test about 1000 times sample continuously, completely avoiding big deviations of other moisture testing method and thus improving quality index of products.

1. Powerful Itanium and double CPU; direct A/D conversion of testing electrode data.
2. 7 inch color touch LCD display in English. Function of reagent failure prompt, extending the service time of it.
3. Completely closed titration system avoids direct touch between people and the reagent as well as the influence of environmental humidity.
4. The outer shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate with electrostatic sprayed surface, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.
5. Auto-control and compensation of electrical current via MCU contributes to quick balance of reagent.
6. Auto-control electrolysis current within 430mA ensures high sensitivity and fast analyzing speed.
7. Preinstalled with cubature (including 3 pieces of formula), statistical calculation (including average calculation, standard deviation calculation and rate of change calculation) and elementary arithmetic, with the advantages of auto-analysis and calculation.

8. Automatically tests the sample, analyzes and displays results, and calculates the average value of several times of test.
9. Infinite capacity of results storage is convenient to consult previous testing data whenever necessary.
10. Automatically calculates and prints the following content: ug / ppm / percentage / mg/L / sample number / experimenter / testing date, etc.
11. Network management available by connection with laptop or computer communications through USB or RS232 interface.
12. Multilanguage display available. The program of tester can be upgraded accordingly if related national standard is revised.

Method of Display:

7 inch color touch LCD with English display

Method of Testing

MPU controlled electrolysis(Karl Fischer Coulometric Method)

Rate of Electrolysis:


Electrolysis Current:

Auto-control within 430Ma

Testing Range:


Range of Water Content:





Water Content: 2ugH2O-100ugH2O; Deviations≤±1ug,
Water Content: 100ugH2O-1000ugH2O; Deviations≤±2.9ug,
Water Content: >1000ugH2O; Deviations≤±0.2%(excluding deviations of sample injection)

Drift Compensation:

Auto-control via MPU

Stirring Speed:

Adjustable and steerable

End-point Indication:

LCD display /output via printing / voice warning / end-point indication light

Data Input:

Input via touch screen

Sample Number:

Numbered by users


Infinite storage capacity


Thermal printer, high-speed, low-consumption, with 44 millimeter-wide paper

Printing Content:

ug / ppm / mg/L / sample number /experimenter / date


automatic display and print analyzing time and date


Breakdown self-checking

Special Function:

Work independently or connected with laptop or other computers

Power Consumption:




Working Environment:

Temperature: 5℃-40℃,Humidity: <85%

Power Supply:

AC220V±10% 50HZ±2.5HZ


About 7kg

Application area:


Chemical Industry:alcohols, ethers, esters, alkenes, benzenes, amines, organic solvents, phenols and other organic products applicable to Karl Fischer Method for determination
Petroleum and Power Industry: Insulation Oil, Transformer Oil, Turbine Oil, etc.
Pharmaceutical Industry : medicine materials
Pesticide Field:emulsifier
Other Industry:electrolyte of lithium battery


Various mineral salt, citric acid, explosives, paraffin and other solids with good solubility


Natural gas, liquefied gas, Freon, butadiene, chloromethane, etc.



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